EIMA - international exhibition of machines for agriculture and gardening bologna 2018

R.P. Rivestimenti Plastici S.r.l. couldn’t miss the bi-annual EIMA - International Exhibition of Machines for Agriculture and Gardening event.

R.P. Rivestimenti Plastici S.r.l. couldn’t miss the bi-annual event which has been taking place in Bologna since 1969, over a surface area of 375,000 square metres with about 2,000 exhibitors from 40 countries, presenting more than 50,000 models of vehicles, machinery and equipment.

The agricultural sector, which has always been recognised as the primary sector, once again surprises the market thanks to its high level of technology.

We can improve the performance of agricultural machinery thanks to the versatility of our processing and our multitude of fields of application. In particular, we specialise in coating pipes, making them suitable for the passage of drinking water or contact with food. Among the qualities of our materials, we place particular importance on the total electrical insulation of your tools or mechanical parts, increasing safety and practicality in their use.