Application to the naval industry R.P. rivestimenti plastici s.r.l. Shockproof systems for transport                                                                      Special processes for naval industry Plasticizing protective metal objects Cataphoresis painting Sandblasting of metals Protective treatment against corrosion of metals

Official providers: Rilsan for Arkema France


R.P. RIVESTIMENTI PLASTICI S.R.L., a leading company in the plastic coatings on metals is active in different production areas, ranging from the metalworking with the relevant secondary business, to the nautical sector to funeral structures, employing the advantageous properties of plastic materials and of their applications, as well as the peculiar technical innovations developed by the company.


A treatment that gives to items high anti-corrosion features...
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powder coating

Painting performed using electrostatic guns, it has...
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Fluid bed
plastic coating

The most significant features of thermoplastic powders are...
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Process suitable for coating metals, for protective applications...
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Special processing
for the naval industry

Treatments to solve galvanic current related corrosion issues...
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Shock-proof systems
Anti-slip systems

These strips with upper plastic coatings that guarantee...
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for metals

Anticorrosion, anti-chafing and sound deadening treatments....
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of metals

Operation for removing all those residual substances...
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Cemetery Prefabricated Items

"Light Prefabricated Cell Structure”; gives an idea, a new item applied to the funeral sector.
A modular cell system as the basis of an easy to assemble construction system, whose result is safe and reliable with aseismic features for the construction of niches, family graves, family chapels, columbaria, ossuaries and cineraries.

Cemetery Prefabricated Items

An innovative idea in cemetery construction: modular structures for the constructions of niches...
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Cemetery construction

The advantages of a modular structure in the cemetery field are several, both from a technical and from an economic point of view.
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RP s.r.l. offers an innovative niche construction system which allows to extend cemetery areas in an innovative way.
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Ossuaries and cineraries

This innovative "Light Prefabricated Cell Structure" modular system is applied also to the construction of ossuaries and cineraries
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